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Last Update / Nov 13,2020

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    Growth Strategy

    J-REITs make two types of growth – external growth and internal growth.

    • External growth
      Increase cash flows, which are the source of dividends, by expanding the asset size through additional acquisitions of real estate, etc.
    • Internal growth
      Increase cash flows by enhancing the profitability of the real estate, etc. already owned in the portfolio.

    "Act Local, Think Global" is the concept formulated and realized by FRC.
    Real estate is best understood by the local people in the area where it is located. We make the best use of our ability to collect information, our familiarity with the market and our strong industry-administration-academia networks, which are our strengths as a locally-based entity. By doing so, we will realize stable and solid operations and achieve growth. At the same time, in order to achieve growth, we believe it essential to exert our accountability to the capital market in the world as well as always work to communicate with investors under a stringent compliance policy.

    Management Philosophy
    • Acquisition
    • Management strategy
    • Financial strategy

    Please refer to the Acquisition Strategy for our external growth and to the Management Strategy and Financial Strategy for our internal growth.