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Last Update / Nov 13,2020

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    Fukuoka Draws People from Inside and Outside Japan

    Population Continues to Grow in Fukuoka City

    While the estimated population will shift to a downward trend in other cities, the population of Fukuoka City is anticipated to continue growing through around 2035, according to the city's calculations. We believe that, with such a population increase, sales of retail facilities may increase and demand for residential properties may remain solid.

    Population Change in Major Metropolitan Areas in Japan Changes in Total Population of Fukuoka City
    Ratios of young people and working-age population in Fukuoka City and nationwide

    High Ratio of Working-Age Population

    The ratio of youth population and the working-age population of Fukuoka City are higher than Nationwide. The large working population should lead to the creation of demand for office buildings and residential properties.