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Last Update / Nov 13,2020

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    IR Policy

    Basic Policy on Information Disclosure
    • Fukuoka REIT Corporation (FRC) shall conduct fair and appropriate information disclosure in compliance with laws and regulations as well as the rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Fukuoka Stock Exchange, etc.
    • In conducting information disclosure, FRC endeavors to do so in a prompt, accurate and fair manner consistently from the viewpoint of unitholders and other stakeholders, fully recognizing that timely and appropriate information disclosure provides the basis of a sound securities market.
    • In conducting IR activities and other communications for its trading participants including such parties as financial instruments transaction business operators and unitholders, FRC will observe the fair disclosure rules set forth in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and disclose information in a prompt, accurate and fair manner in accordance with the rules as required by the rules.
    Silent Period

    In order to prevent any leakage of information that may impact the investment unit price during the period in which FRC prepares for the announcement of its performance results as well as to ensure fairness in information disclosure, FRC has set the period from the day following the closing of accounts of each fiscal period to the announcement date of relevant performance results as a silent period, in which FRC does not conduct IR activities as a rule. During the silent period, FRC shall refrain from answering any questions or making comments on the performance results. However, if it is anticipated that FRC will significantly revise the performance forecast and the like during the silent period, FRC shall disclose it based on the timely disclosure rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Fukuoka Stock Exchange as a rule. Furthermore, even during the silent period, FRC shall respond to inquiries, etc. on information that is within the scope of what has already been disclosed.