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Last Update / Nov 25,2020

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    Corporate Gavernance

    • Basic Policy
      on Compliance
    • Management Structure
      and System
    • Initiatives on
      Risk Management and Compliance

    Basic Policy on Compliance

    Fukuoka REIT Corporation and Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd. have established a basic compliance policy setting forth the basic mindset that executive directors, supervisory directors, executives, and employees must observe, have set forth the following matters as the fundamental principles of the basic compliance policy, and aim to realize fair and appropriate management and discharge the social responsibilities attached to this business.

    1) We recognize our corporate social responsibility and the social responsibility and public mission of the Company’s business and will engage in sound business operation.
    2) We will observe both the letter and the spirit of the law.
    3) We engage in fair and transparent business based on the principle of self-responsibility.
    4) We respect the character of all other stakeholders and contribute to the sound development of economic society.
    5) We unhesitatingly choose ethics when profit and ethics conflict.
    6) We maintain an unyielding stance toward antisocial forces.
    7) We strive to leave a more prosperous and fair society to future generations.
    8) We will actively create solutions satisfactory to everyone when confronted with difficult ethical problems.


    Management Structure and System

    Based on the asset management agreement with Fukuoka REIT Corporation, Fukuoka Realty Co.,Ltd is engaged in managing the real estate assets owned by Fukuoka REIT Corporation, arranging acquisitions of new properties and sourcing assets.

    福岡リアルティ組織図 福岡リート投資法人

    Initiatives on Risk Management and Compliance

    Fukuoka Realty has established a Basic Policy on Compliance, as well as compliance regulations and other internal rules to prevent conflicts of interest. We conduct conflict of interest risk management pertaining to our dealings with stakeholders in an appropriate manner based on the abovementioned rules and regulations with preliminary assessment carried out by the Compliance Department general manager and deliberations conducted by the Compliance Assessment Committee (consisting of the Compliance Department general manager and three outside experts).
    Fukuoka Realty Co.,Ltd has established a system for comprehensively managing risks by setting up the Risk Management Committee as the organization to manage various risks. In terms of the basic policy on risk management and the risk items to be managed, the Company has established the Risk Management Regulations and the Risk Management Committee monitors whether the risks are under control. For investment risks, please see the chart below.

    福岡リアルティ組織図 福岡リート投資法人