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Last Update / Nov 25,2020

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    About RSS

    Fukuoka REIT Corporation,distributes press release and update information on the website via RSS feeds.

    RSS, a content format by using XML, is a useful tool for keeping updated on a favorite websites.
    You can automatically receive update information without accessing the websites. To use RSS, please set up RSS reader, or browser which is support RSS. Fukuoka REIT Corporation, uses RSS2.0.

    Distributed information XML
    Press Release RSS
    Update information RSS

    *Please be aware that Fukuoka REIT Corporation, reserves the right to change or discontinue this service through this website at any time.
    *Please be aware that technical questions concerning RSS as well as questions and inquiries regarding the function and methods of use of an RSS reader will not be answered here. Please understand that you will be making use of RSS feed at your own risk.