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Last Update / Nov 25,2020

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    Fukuoka REIT Corporation carries out various activities through sharing about ideas of sustainability with Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd.

    Sustainability basic policy

    Please refer to Fukuoka Realty’s website regarding to the sustainability policy and framework.

    福岡リアルティ サスティナビリティ


    福岡リアルティ組織図 福岡リート投資法人

    Main initiatives

    • ■Participation to GRESB 2020(receiving the ratings of "Green Star and 3 Stars")


      GRESB is an annual benchmarking assessment to measure ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) integration of real estate companies and funds, as well as the name of organization which runs the assessment. It was founded in 2009 by a group of major European pension funds who played leading roles in launching Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). FRC received the ratings of “Green Star” and 3 Stars (5-star scale) in the GRESB survey.

    • ■ Signing of the Principles
      for Responsible Investment (PRI)
      (as of September, 2018)

    • ■ Signing of the Principles
      for Financial Action towards
      a Sustainable Society
      (Principles for Financial Action
      for the 21st Century)
      (as of September,2018)

    ◎ ESG Initiatives
    Environment ・Newly acquired two DBJ Green Building certified properties in the 31st fiscal period (SunLive City Kokura, Marinoa City Fukuoka (Marina Side Building)); total of 11 properties
    ・Acquired 4 BELS certified properties
    Social ・Certified as a “Fukuoka ‘Work Style Reform’ Promotion Company” (August 28, 2018)
    Governance ・Formulated a basic policy to realize customer-oriented business operations on September 20, 2017
    ・Strengthened the decision-making process (Basic Policy on Compliance and Compliance Regulations)