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Last Update / Nov 25,2020

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    Financial Strategy

    Like other J-REITs, FRC also conducts borrowings to a certain degree. This is because we believe that, by incorporating low-cost borrowings in our fund procurement, we can own more assets and pay more dividends to our unitholders.

    • Appropriately controlling the ratio of interest-bearing debt
      Conduct financial operations conservatively to keep the ratio at 35% - 50% as a target with 60% as the ceiling.
    • Dispersing the debt repayment dates
      Mitigate the risks of failing to conduct refinances or having to pay higher interests due to sudden changes in the financial environment.
    • Shifting to long-term, fixed-interest rate borrowings
      Focus on extending the durations of debt maturity and shifting to fixed-interest rate borrowings.
    • Expanding sources and diversifying methods of fundraising
      Conduct borrowings from not only the sponsor banks and megabanks but also from regional banks of each prefecture in Kyushu, maintaining close relationships with them.
    • Raising funds without providing collateral
      Being able to raise funds without providing collateral suggests our high creditworthiness as well as the flexibility of our financial operations.
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